Digital Design and Development

My objective as your website designer is to shape and build an online presence that will communicate your message to customers effectively and to identify the balance of web technologies that will support positive customer experiences, and satisfy the objectives of your business.

I design and build websites and interactive media products that are practical to use and responsive to the variety of media devices in use today. Website designs are optimized to perform well for search engines so that your customers will find your content when they need it.

Website Design

A clear understanding of the answers to two key questions is crucial for the design of your website.

  • What is it that you want to accomplish in your enterprise?
  • What are your customers’ interests and their use and information needs?

This knowledge is the basis for the information design of your online publication and the creation of a content structure that is clear and easy to navigate. It will inform the selection of terms and keywords that best describe your content and convey your message, and will improve performance for search.

An information architecture that is lucid and an unambiguous grasp of your business requirements will together guide the determination of the graphic style and balance of web technologies that will both satisfy customer expectations and meet the goals of your business.

Detail, Site Design for
Description: Site design, video & DVD
Client: James Lancel McElhinney, artist
Detail, Harvard Business School Online.Management Communication
Description: Interactive online course
Client: Harvard Business Online
Detail, Interactive Tag Cloud.Interactive Tag Cloud
Description: Touch screen & web, interactive display
Client: Objects of Exchange, Bard Graduate Center


Interactive Design

Interactive online products are engaging, entertaining, and enhance your readers ability to use your website in ways that will satisfy their own specific interests. Video, multimedia, and interactive content will increase the depth and variety of information that users will experience on your website and can be used to tell your story more effectively.

Detail, web design for
Description: Site development
Client: Graham White, artist
Detail, Flash design for Harvard Business School Online.Columbia’s Final Mission
Description: Flash product preview
Client: Harvard Business Online
Detail, CSS Grid CalculatorCSS Grid Calculator
Description: Page design & CSS application

Content Management Systems

If control of the process of managing your online content is an option that would be of use to you, I can demonstrate a variety of ways that content management tools can be configured to meet the specific requirements of your online publications. Web browser-based content management tools are intuitive to use and require no special knowledge of web programming or proprietary software.

I have used WordPress for a number of projects over the years and I am currently recommending this CMS to clients for new sites and for the redesign of existing websites. WordPress can be modified to match most any design, and basic functionality can be extended quickly using some of the many plugins that are available. Additionally, the latest versions of WordPress and themes can make sites responsive to the variety of devices being used now to view websites. I think this is a great solution for people who want to be able to publish and update content themselves, and also an efficient way to build sites that will perform well in desktop browsers, tablets, and mobile phones.


If you are a designer or are building a website yourself and need assistance with some aspect of the project, I am available for consultation, or to work collaboratively with you to complete the job. My services include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery, and ActionScript for Flash. I also provide video and audio editing and encoding for web delivery, interactive multimedia, and work with Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, and a variety of other image editing programs.

Graham White